Change the way you shop with Trolley Bags.

Trolley Bags are a revolutionary product that makes life easier when you’re doing the grocery shopping. You use the set of reusable shopping bags at checkout in your shopping cart to sort your groceries as they’re scanned and make packing more efficient. For example, you can put frozen goods in one, fridge products in another and so on. Once you’ve paid you just wheel your trolley to the car and place the sorted bags in the boot then when you get home everything is already categorised to make putting things away so much easier.

Trolley Bags are an innovative system of bags that spread out across the length of your trolley in one simple action ready to be packed. While you are shopping they can easily be bundled together and hung out of the way on the hook usually found at the trolley back under the handle.

Trolley Bags Hanging on Trolley

Once you get to the checkout aisle and have placed all your groceries on the conveyor simply place the bags in the cart with the plastic rods resting on each side and ease them down and open. You can then put your purchases straight into the bags as you go and when you’re ready to place the bags in your car the bags separate along the rod which are attached to each other with velcro. See the handy chart below explaining how Trolley Bags work.


Trolley Bags were invented by Irish entrepreneur Paul Doyle who presented the concept on Dragon’s Den and gained a significant investment to get the product into production. They were popular from the get-go and are now available globally as shoppers realise how much simpler the task becomes with them.

There are several features of the Trolley Bags that make them so popular:

      1. They are reusable so considering Australians dispose of 4 billion plastic bags each year they help the environment
      2. They can be rolled together when not in use which makes carrying them and storing them much easier
      3. With a simple rod system integrated into each bag they stand open and upright on their own which means shoppers have both hands free to pack them and don;t have to stand there doing it one handed while they hold a plastic bag open with the other hand
      4. Each of the four Trolley Bags is a different size facilitating the packing of items due to weight and or size and making it easier to put groceries away when home
      5. The bags are long lasting and made from durable non-woven polypropelene and are stringer than many other reusable shopping bags

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