With settlement of our new home imminent I’ve been hunting some cool artwork for the walls and have decided to use some vintage posters in various rooms which I think will fit well with our relaxed style. I’ve always loved vintage posters and I think they’re a great way to bring a bit of fun into a space.

Here are five of my current favourites, some of which I’m looking to use in our new home.

1. Favor Lipstick Girl by Pierre Bellinger

Pierre Bellinger was a French artist renowned particularly for his iconic advertising posters. He and his twin brother Jacques produced some legendary pieces throughout their careers including many of the Bally posters. I love Lipstick Girl because it will bring not only colour to our dining area but also a little bit of ‘girl’ in a boy filled house. We’ll have a red splashback in our kitchen that we plan to keep at least in the beginning so the red in this poster will really pop with that and the yellow will help brighten the space against the timber and neutral palette.

Favor Lipstick Girl Vintage Poster

2. Monsavon Au Lait by Raymond Savignac

I plan to get this poster for the boys’ bathroom. There’s a large corner spa bath in there with small blue mosaic tiles so this will really work well plus it’s totally on topic for a bathroom right!?! Raymond Savignac is another French artist who produced iconic advertising posters and this is possibly his best known.

Monsavon Au Lait poster

3. Martini Poster by F. Marcou

This Angel V. Devil vintage martini poster is a bit of fun with some great, bright colours. If we were keeping the bar area in our home this would work perfectly however we need somewhere for an office so the bar is going and with my planned built-in storage there won’t be anywhere to hang it.


4. Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem Posters by Michael De Pippo

There’s a story to these posters. As a former percussionist I have always loved The Muppets, and particularly Animal, so back in 2011 when I came across these AMAZING posters by New York artist Michael De Pippo I decided I had to get a set as at some point in the future they would be perfect for somewhere in a house especially one with kids. Fast forward five years later and these posters, which were made in Limited Edition quantities of 250 only per poster and from memory cost about 40USD each, are now worth about 2000USD on the open market for a mint set – which I have – and now I am in a quandary as to whether I frame them and hang them in our new rumpus room to be enjoyed by all of us or keep them squirrelled away to increase in value. Decisions, decisions. Take a look at Michael De Pippo’s work via the link above as he has some very cool stuff including awesome posters featuring Brave, Frozen and Fantastic Mr Fox.


5. Fêtes de Bayonne 1994 by Arnaud Saez

I lived in Bayonne, France circa 1994 so this poster reminds me of my time there despite being a great illustration in its own right. The Fêtes de Bayonne is an amazing time to be in the city where over the course of five days in a series of festivals everyone dresses in red and white and celebrates joyously together. There’s lots of laughing, dancing and drinking plus some corridas, parades, fireworks and great music. I’m not sure I’m going to find anywhere to place this in the new house but finding posters that have meaning to you is a great way to personalise your space.

Fete De Bayonne

How do you decorate the walls of your home? Do you like Vintage Posters?




Poster in feature image available here from popmotif.