My brother and I never had an actual cubby house when we were kids and instead made do with sheets over chairs and corners of the backyard. Once, when my Dad cut down the huge weeping willows along the back fence and my brother was at the height of his ‘army’ phase, we spent hours searching for him only to find him in his latest makeshift cubby created from the fallen branches and acting as his ‘eagles nest’ and completely camouflaging him as he lay like a sniper, decked out in his army greens.

Cubby houses can provide hours of imaginative play for kids as they use them to become whatever is the order of the day, from fire station to restaurant and hospital to holiday house. The wonderful range of cubby houses from Castle & Cubby not only provide a fantastic base for play but do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly way being made from 100% recycled and untreated timber fruit and vegetable crates that have been sourced locally.

Castle and Cubby House with sandpit

Built to encourage imagination, each of Castle & Cubby’s cubby houses is unique and full of vintage charm with dings, dents and more adding additional character to the design.

Castle and Cubby Milk Bar

My three boys seem to be constantly engaged in role-play of some description and I know they would go ga-ga over these amazing cubbies. They’d be serving me all manner of treats as they play My Kitchen Rules or getting me to practise my letters as they run their very own school. I can just imagine the shenanigans they’d get up to with their neighbourhood friends. Any product which stimulates creative and imaginative play like these cubbies is a real winner in our household.

Castle and Cubby Beach Hut Cubby Castle and Cubby Beach Hut Milk Bar Cubby

Based in Victoria, Castle & Cubby is a family-owned business focused on providing inspiring spaces for children. Every product is handmade and when delivered the cubby house comes complete with a builder to construct it for you. Love and attention goes into every aspect of both the houses and accessories that are also available.

Castle and Cubby painting seat

Castle and Cubby Red and White Cubby House

The cubby house range plus sandpits can be viewed and purchased online at Castle & Cubby. You can also see their awesome range of accessories including mailboxes, wooden bunting, blackboards and furniture. Hire of these amazing constructions is available for parties, events and corporate functions.