Peekaboo Magazine regularly reviews appropriate and relevant products and services and shares our findings on our website. Some of our reviews are incidental to our team’s family life and we may review activities and products we experience and pay for ourselves. Other reviews are solicited by companies and product and/or services are gifted to us or our readers to experience. When we are provided a product or service to review we may identify this at the end of the article. At this time we do not charge a fee for our reviews however we may request an additional item be provided so a giveaway can be conducted when our review is published.

If you would like to submit a product or service for consideration please Contact Us here.

What do our ratings criteria mean?

When we review products or services at Peekaboo Magazine we use a range of criteria to consider characteristics of a product or service which are automatically combined by our ratings application to provide an overall review score. You can read a bit more about each ratings criteria and some of the considerations we take into account for each of them below.


1. Is the product easy to use?
2. If it needs assembly is it easy to assemble?
3. Are there logical instructions included if required?
4. What age-groups would find it easiest to use?

1. Does the product meet a need that wasn’t being met?
2. Is it something new in a category that hasn’t been done before?
3. Will it make life easier?

1. Is the product worth what you have to pay for it?
2. Does it last an appropriate amount of time for what it costs?
3. If repairs are ever needed are they of a reasonable cost?
4. How does it compare to other similar products?

1. What is the quality of the product like?
2. Will the product give other similar products a run for their money?
3. Is the product one of the best in its category?

1. Quite simply; how much do we love it!?!


1. Are there adequate bathroom facilities available within a reasonable distance?
2. Are there appropriate baby change facilities available?
3. Has the attraction been designed with kids in mind?

1. Will kids enjoy the attraction?
2. Will families as a whole enjoy the attraction?
3. Do all the pieces fit together to make the attraction more enjoyable than not?

1. Are the entry prices reasonable for children?
2. Are the entry prices reasonable for adults?
3. Is there a family pass available?
4. Is there free entry for very young children who may not get much out of the visit?
5. Does the attraction provide enough activities or opportunities for engagement to make the entry price worthwhile?

1. Does the attraction look professional?
2. Has the attraction been well looked after and with good upkeep or is it dated and in need of repair?
3. How do attraction staff present themselves and is the customer service any good?

1. Is there parking available?
2. Is the amount of parking available adequate?
3. If there is no parking available are there adequate public transport opportunities available within reasonable distance of the attraction?