The Peekaboo kids were very excited recently to receive an interesting looking box in the mail which promised delight inside. Our friends at Squirrel Pop had kindly sent over a special treat for them to take a look at but they had no idea what it was. Isn’t the packaging awesome!
Tessi Creative Magnets 1They promptly ripped it open and discovered a very cool looking box of Tessi Creative Magnets inside. Of course they had no clue what to do with these but they were intrigued nonetheless.

Tessi Creative Magnets 2

Once we’d removed the cellophane wrapper and opened the box carefully (so we could use it for storage at pack up time) the boys found sheets of colourful magnets in an array of designs that they had to punch out before they could begin their magnificent creations. Each box contains 60 magnets that can be used to create patterns, characters and designs.

Opening the Tessi Creative magnets box

Tessi creative magnet pieces

Unfortunately our fridge isn’t magnetic but luckily we had a portable magnetic whiteboard that Cooper uses at school so we were able to use this with the magnets. The boys initially had a lot of fun tracing around the leftover shapes and drawing on the whiteboard which was great for their motor skills development.

Cooper drawing with his Tessi Creative Magnets

The Tessi Creative Magnets can be positioned in thousands of combinations for every child to create their own unique designs time and time again. In addition to facial features such as eyes and mouths there are also patterned pieces in several colour combinations. The boys spent quite a while playing around with different compositions before each of them finally settled on their preferred design for the day.

Macgregor with his Tessi Magnet creation

Mac went minimalist whereas Cooper utilised a larger number of pieces to make his final product. I’m sure if we had had a larger surface to work with such as a fridge door or a large wall mounted whiteboard their creations would have been much more intricate.

Cooper with his Tessi magnet creation

These magnets were something the boys really enjoyed playing with and since we first opened them they have stimulated their imagination and been used many times not only for artistic purposes but also in their role play and used as substitutes for items such as ‘train tickets’ or ‘business cards.’ They’re a great gift idea for something different and will definitely amuse and interest different age ranges of kids and the creative possibilities are endless.

Tessi Creative Magnets Ideas

Tessi Creative Magnets are available direct from Squirrel Pop and retail for AUD29 plus shipping. For your chance to win a set of Tessi Creative Magnets complete the entry form here.