I went to Bali and got a sore butt horse riding and it was the best experience ever…

This year my family and I went to Bali and stayed at a nice resort called Villa Sungai where the manager Made treated my sister and I like he was our own Uncle. He taught us about growing rice, and let us join his English school for kids that is in his house.

That's my dad and my sister reading stories to the kids who go to Made's school.

That’s my dad and my sister reading stories to the kids who go to Made’s school.

In the villa we had our own swimming pool in the jungle. Every morning they made us banana crepes and mango smoothies for breakfast, and in my very own bedroom with a giant princess bed I had a bathroom with an outdoor shower. It was like being in a waterfall! I still miss Villa Sungai, it is the best place I’ve ever stayed.

The amazing pool at Villa Sungai

The amazing pool at Villa Sungai

Our first awesome experience in Bali was at Splash Water Park which was a bit like Wet ‘n Wild but it was smaller. My favourite rides were the biggest ones: Big Red, the Super Bowl, and the Giant Race, but if I had to choose I would say the Super Bowl was the best. It had a thrilling speed and then it shot you out of the tunnel into a massive bowl where you slowed down by spinning round and round until Plop! you fall into a pool of water and swim to the stairs.

I just landed in the water, and Maddy is chasing after me.

The next morning Mum and Dad woke me up from my beauty sleep (which was very unfair) but it all was worth it when we got there. HORSE RIDING! We all had a horse and we went on a one hour ride through rice paddies and little roads. We approached the beach where we would take some photos and my butt hurt 70% by then. When my guide encouraged my pony Cola to trot it didn’t help and I went home with a 100% sore butt. Apart from the pain it was awesome!


This is me washing Cola to cool her down after our long horse ride.

I was convinced we had done all the tourist attractions in Bali, but Oh No – I had one more experience to attend to, Monkey Forest. As we arrived hundreds of monkeys crowded the parking lot and things didn’t get better as we hopped out of the van, a cheeky monkey stole Mum’s water bottle and her mints while monkeys harassed Maddy and I by jumping all over us.


Those monkey forest monkeys were soooo cheeky!

We paid and raced in trying to get the monkeys off us, but I must admit they were pretty cute. We got heaps of photos feeding them and giggled when they put their tiny hands all over our faces. I have to say, Bali is the best holiday choice ever!

By Katya Adams 10 years of age

(Disclaimer: Minor editing by Mum. This post originally contained even more exclamation marks.)